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Docker commands

Run bash inside container

docker exec -it <container> /bin/bash

Copy file from host to container

docker cp <localfile> <container>:<container_path>

e.g. docker cp LocalSettings.php my-mediawiki:/var/www/html/

Get container IP

docker inspect -f '{{range.NetworkSettings.Networks}}{{.IPAddress}}{{end}}' <container-name>

Run kibana

Run kibana on http://localhost:5601 and connect to an elastic search instance running locally on port 9200, or tunneled from remote server:

docker run --name kib-01 -e ELASTICSEARCH_HOSTS=http://localhost:9200 --rm --network host

Run another instance simultaneously on 5602 port

docker run --name kib-02 -e ELASTICSEARCH_HOSTS=http://localhost:9201 -e SERVER_PORT=5602 --rm --network host
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