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WP cli commands

Standard WP cli commands

Install wp cli first

Below commands are executed by root user hence the flag –allow-root.

Search and replace string in DB

Replace with

wp --path=<wp installation> search-replace '' '' --all-tables --allow-root

Same as above but on remote host:

wp --path=<wp installation> search-replace '' '' --all-tables --allow-root

Change user's password

wp user update <username> --prompt=user_pass --allow-root

Create new admin user

wp user create bob --role=administrator --allow-root

Woo commerce orders

List all orders in csv format

wp wc shop_order list --path=<wp installation> --allow-root --user=<user> --format=csv

Get order details

wp wc shop_order get <id> --path=<wp installation> --allow-root --user=<user>

Tested on

  • Debian 10

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